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New Summoners War Guide For Beginners [2019]

summoners war guide

There are few games which have evinced so much interest and excitement as Summoners Runes. It has been around for many years now and it has won the hearts and minds of thousands of gaming enthusiasts across the world. It has cut across various age groups and continues to be popular even after being there for so many years.

However, when it comes to actual mastering of the game there are reasons to believe that you have to have some basic idea, tips and guides without which it would not be possible to make much of headway. Hence, without wasting too much of time, we are happy to share below what we feel as time-tested and proven Summoners war guide 2019.

We are of the belief that it could be useful in more ways than one and could set you on the right track when it comes to mastering the game in the right earnest.


It is All About Identifying Goals


Those who have succeeded in making it big in Summoners Runes have done so because they have been very clear in defining their goals properly. Without the right goals being described it would not be possible to make too much of a progress as far as this game is concerned. The best thing about this game is that it comes with its own set of goals and each one of the goal is well defined. It is about following these goals. We will share a few of them and in fact there are eight such goals which one must have a decent idea if they wish to progress from one level to another.
Monster Leveling And Scenario Identifying
This is perhaps the most important and primary aspect as far as the Summoners war guide 2019 is concerned. It basically helps you to define the scenarios which you must clear. This must be done in the normal mode because this will most certainly help you to unlock the new content and get rewarded when it comes to clearing and getting over each zone is concerned. It will also help you to choose the right energy factors including 4* and 5* from Chiruka.
Some Other Important Goals
Apart from the above, there are also some other important goals and objectives which you must be aware of. We are talking about them in brief over the next few lines.
Goal 2: Giants Keep and mastering basement 10. This also is referred to as GB10.

Goal 3: Understanding and conquering Tower of Ascension Normal or ToAN

Goal 4: This is about Dragons Lair and about Basement DB10.

Goal 5: Tower of Ascension Hard or ToAN is the next important goal which you must clearly know and have it well defines.

Goal 6: Rift of Worlds, Raid Level 5 or R5 as it is also is referred to. Here you will be able to drop two important times and they are grindstones and enchanted gems.
Apart from the above, you have goal number 5 and goal number 6 which is about Rift of World or also referred to as R5 or Raid Level. Then we have goal number 7 and 8 which are about Necropolis and PvP or endgame players versus player.